Family Food Relief has several relief and distribution programs geared to the specific dynamics of each particular household, as well as logistical considerations and other factors.

Of primary concern is maintaining the dignity of recipient households, many of which are indisposed to the notion of accepting handouts.

Monthly Distribution
• Monthly Distribution
Recipient families are provided with a full month’s supply of basic and essential food staples.
This is Family Food Relief’s primary relief program, under which we provide recipient families with a full month’s supply of basic food staples and essentials. Individual deliveries to large families can sometimes number as many as 15 cartons to sufficiently cover their food needs for an entire month. For this program, foodstuffs are delivered directly by food manufacturers and distributors to our 3,500 square foot distribution center. Individualized family parcels are processed by volunteers on-site. Several hundred volunteers then deliver food parcels anonymously to recipients.”
Weekly Distribution
• Weekly Distribution
Intended for small families
For this program, packages are smaller than the monthly distribution packages and are intended for small families or elderly individuals who do not have the storage space to deal with larger monthly packages. Processing and delivery are performed by volunteers via the distribution center in a manner similar to the monthly distribution.
Food Voucher Program
• Food Voucher Program
Provides cards redeemable for food
This program, providing cards redeemable for food at local supermarkets and grocers, is used in specific cases where our other means of distribution are either unviable or impractical.
Moadim L'Simcha
• Moadim L'Simcha – A project of Family Food Relief
Bulk-items are provided to families at low cost during the holiday seasons
Many of the inhabitants of the communities we service in N.J. are living just above the poverty level and find it especially difficult to provide food for their families during the holiday seasons. Most of them have large families and are struggling to make ends meet. In 2004 we introduced Moadim L’Simcha – lit. happy or joyous holidays. Under this program we provide bulk items at a reduced price directly to families during the holiday seasons. These families are not in need of free food packages, but can use a helping hand to make ends meet for the holidays.